Now you can have a CFO and full-service finance and accounting team.

Without the cost of hiring one.

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From CFO to bookkeeper,
we’re your on-demand finance and accounting team.

Tech Savvy CFO provides outsourced, full-service accounting, payroll and financial analysis. We aim to provide any part of the finances branch of the org chart, from CFO to controller all the way down to the accounting clerks. We provide a custom solution for our clients that fits for their business and their budget.

Scale your finance and accounting team, on-demand.

You don’t need to have revenues of $10M in order to have a CFO. You likely don’t need one all the time. And you probably cannot afford to have one on payroll.

An outsourced accounting department provides you with the right resources for the right amount of time at the right cost, all with defined roles and segregation of duties.

An accounts payable associate to enter and pay vendor bills 10 hours per week.

An accounts receivable associate for 10 hours per week invoicing clients and 10 hours per month doing collections.

A staff accountant to perform account reconciliations and journal entry uploads.

A controller to review the financial statements and make necessary tax filings once per year.

A financial analyst to turn your data into actionable insights.

A CFO to interpret the financials and provide some strategic guidance to the business, banks or board of directors quarterly or when executing major new business strategies.​

Your business doesn’t typically need a full-time team. It needs several fractional people to provide a specific designated task.

Learn how cost-effective it is to outsource your financial and accounting team.

Tech-savvy finance and accounting assistance perfectly tailored to your small business.








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Freedom to Grow.

Free yourself from non-value add tasks. Concentrate on the big picture, not the minutiae of numbers. Focus on your customers.

Take back your nights and weekends.​ Grow your profits.